Wave vectors

01 – Make a new document

and make a new empty layer and delete (or hide) the background layer. Make a new layer after that.)

02 – Select the Marquee Tool

and create a long rectangle the entire height of the document.

03 – Fill the rectangle with a color of your choice

Making sure you’re on an empty layer.

04 – Duplicate the layer of the rectangle

and then right click the layer > blending options

05 – Go to the Color Overlay options

and make the color any color of your choice.

Move the new rectangle

so that it is next to the other rectangle but not overlapping.

06 – Repeat steps 04 and 05

until you are happy with the results.

07 – Go to Filter > Distort > Wave

and make your settings like mine for a subtle wave, or change them up for a more exotic wave.

You’re done