Warm Vintage Coloring Tutorial

Let’s get started!

1) Open your image with photoshop. I’ll be using this stock image from GlamourousAcid-Stock.

2) Duplicate the background 2 times by pressing CTRL+J (twice). Doing this helps make sure that if you mess up or decide to do something different you don’t have to start all over and you can edit nicely later.

3) Go to Filter > Sharpen > Smart Sharpen. Your settings depend on the size of the image. These are my settings: < image > Press OK after you’re done. :)


4) On your layers panel (on the right side) there should be your Adjustments. Click on Curves. We’re going to lighten the image a bit without going overboard. (If you do not see your adjustments, then go to Window > Adjustments then open curves.) Output: 150. Input: 120.

5) Once again, go to your adjustments, but this time open Color Balance. Make sure the Midtones circle is checked and so is Preserve Luminosity. Cyan / Red: +40. Magenta / Green: 0. Yellow / Blue: -24.

6) Now go to Layer > New Fill Layer > Solid Color. Make sure the color is set to none, Mode is set to Lighten and the opacity is set to 60%. Press OK. Now input the color: # 531e75. Or a dark purple.


7) Make another curves layer. This time we’re going to darken the tones just a tad because it seems so light to me. So either copy my curves layer or don’t, it’s up to you but here is what it looks like:

8) Make a final curves layer, this one is going to be a bit more complex so look carefully.

First dot: Output: 79 | Input: 64
Sec. dot: Output: 169 | Input: 186

First dot: Output: 91 | Input: 95
Sec. dot: Output: 178 | Input: 190

First dot: Output: 84 | Input: 74
Sec. dot: Output: 181 | Input: 193

9) Edit any settings to your liking, or go to Layer > Flatten Image and then save it :D You’re done!