Using Textures

Learn how to use textures in Photoshop. There are MANY ways to do this, but this is just how I do it. :) Enjoy.

1)I am going to be using this image and this texture. Feel free to use them to follow along easier.

2)Open your image and your texture with photoshop. On your texture document that should now be open, press CTRL + A to copy it. Now go back to your image document. (They should be tabbed next to each other) Press CTRL + V to paste the texture on the image. It will now be a new layer named “Layer 1” or whatever you named it.

After you’ve done that, it should look like this.

3)Making sure that you have the texture layered selected, change the blending mode to “Screen”. NOTE: You may use whatever blending mode you like. There is no limitation as to the things you can accomplish with photoshop. don’t let me stop you!

4)Your image should now look like below. Although you see there is a harsh line where the texture stops but the image keeps going (right above her knees) and we need to get rid of that because it looks really sloppy.

5)You are going to need the eraser tool. (Press ‘E’ on your keyboard or selecting like this.) Eraser settings are as below. Erase the harsh line on the texture layer, this works really well with 0% hardness because it is smooth.

(your brush size may very)

6)This is my finished product: