Rounded Edges

1) Open up your image with Photoshop. I’ll be using this one. Feel free to use it, too.

2) Go ahead and grab the rounded rectangle tool, and with this tool, you’re going to put a rounded rectangle on top of your image like so:

3) Right click on the black rectangle in the layers box and select “Rasterize Layer”. Then press “W” on your keyboard for the magic wand tool. :)

4) Use the magic wand tool to select all of the rectangle. When the rectangle is selected press “CTRL+SHIFT+I” to inverse the selection. Making the outside of the rectangle selected. Then click on the background layer.

5) Press DELETE on your keyboard and your picture should now have rounded edges. :) You can also delete or hide the rectangle layer. It should now look like this:

6) Here is my final product:
(I left the black on the layer so you could see it clearer on my website. :D )