Creamy Blue and Yellow Coloring

Let’s get started

  1. Start out by duplicating the background layer. It’s really important that you do this because if you mess up, then you have the background layer to fall back on and start over. I know. It happens to me ALL the time.
  2. Go to your Adjustments Panel and select Hue/Saturation. From there, you will need to make the saturation at -55.
  3. Again, go to your Adjustments Panel but this time select Curves and make your output:60 and input: 79.
  4. Create another Curves but this time, select the Blue option from the drop down list. We’re going to be slightly manipulating the blue tones in the photograph. Output: 134, Input: 74 for the first dot and Output:149, Input: 104 for the second. Creating the same line as mine below. Also, if you feel the contrast isn’t deep enough feel free to deepen it by lowering the line on the RGB (Black line) layer or vice verse.
  5. Finally, create one more adjustment layer but this time a color balance layer. Make sure the ‘midtones’ button is ticked and the Yellow/Blue slider is at -30.