Blurry Border


We are going to be creating the border style used on the above image.
This technique works best on square ratio images.
Let’s get started.

Step 1 Open your image in photoshop and duplicate it twice.

Step 2 Press CTRL + T (or the crop button). Then while holding SHIFT make the top layer slightly smaller than the bottom layer.

Step 3 Center the top image with the bottom image. To see the easiest way to do that, Click here

Step 4 Select the bottom layer (The first duplicated layer) and then go to Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur. Make the Blur amount to 25px.

Step 5 Make a new layer in between the two layers. Fill that layer with black (#000000) and make the layer opacity to 15%.

Step 6 You could stop at the above step, but I’m going to be adding layer styles to make it a little more professional looking. Right click (or double click) the top layer and select “Blending Modes”. Select ‘Stroke’ and give it a white stroke outside at 1px and an outer glow. Outer glow settings are below. The outer glow color is black (#000000).

Step 7 Select the bottom layer’s blending mode and give it a 1px stroke inside that is white. Then you are done! :) Thank you for reading and hope you learned something.