Remove lightbox on a single link

Okay, so let’s say you’ve installed the Lightbox 2 plugin or script on your site. Now, let’s say you’ve also added Add “rel=”lightbox” to all your image links plugin or script. That script automatically adds the lightbox to all your image links, you can’t see it int he HTML of the link, but it’s there.

I want this image out of the lightbox! I have not added the lightbox tag into the html code, but it’s in a lightbox! So, what I am going to do it put rel=”NON” in the link so that image is not effected by the lightbox and it is still a link to the full sized image.

That image from before with the new rel=”NON” tag now has lightbox disabled. So you can view the image.

The HTML link tag looks like this ( you would of course, remove the spaces between the < 's and >‘s)
< a rel="non" href="" > That image < /a >