Installing Fonts

Windows XP & Vista
1) First things first, Let’s download some fonts! You can go to and download fonts. I’m going to use this one. :)


2) Once you find a font you like, click “Download” next to it. A popup should popup asking how you want to save the font. Click “Save” not “Open”. Then, once you’ve done that, firefox will scan for viruses & save it to the designated place I told it to save it to. ;o

3) Now, open your Control Panel. :) If it’s not showing the Fonts folder then, click “Switch to Classic View”. Then you’ll see the fonts folder.

4) Go to where your font saved[Don’t move away from the control panel] & drag & drop your font [after you extract, if it’s zipped] into the fonts folder.

5) It should install the font to your computer. :) You’re done, you can close everything now.

Windows 7

  • Download the font
  • Unzip the font (if it’s zipped)
  • Right click on the font file > Install
  • It should now be installed. :)
  • See? That was so easy.