Dynamic Sidebars

This tutorial is going to teach you how to make your layout have a dynamic sidebar (widget ready sidebar).

1) You will first need to login to your wordpress and go to Appearance > Editor > Sidebar.php and copy everything you have in there and paste it into another notepad or text editor you have. (So you don’t have to get all of the cbox codes and etc again)

2) Now, copy everything from this page and paste it into your sidebar.php in your appearance editor (wordpress). Save it.

3)Go to Appearance > Widgets. There you will be able to create a sidebar made from widgets. My sidebar is all run from widgets. If you want an HTML code to show up on your sidebar, you would go back to your sidebar codes from which you had before copy the HTML code for let’s say the cbox. Go to widgets, scroll down and find the “Text” widget, that widget allows you to put HTML codes in it. Drag and drop that widget onto the sidebar (right), then paste the CBox code in it.

4) Do that for the rest of your sidebar codes (affiliates, advertising, navigation, etc) and you’re done! :D