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1. Everything was made by me unless otherwise stated

Sometimes posted on this site, there will be content that did not originate here. I upload said resources with credit to owners. I usually always credit the owners if I know them and I always say when something is not mine. I do not take credit for anything I did not create / do.

2. Please always credit & linkback ayevanity.com

Like I said above, owners to resources deserve to be at least credited and linked.

3. You are not allowed to redistribute or claim as your own

Redistributing without consent or credit is technically stealing and can get you banned from a lot of sites for doing so. It’s also just not very kind.

4. You are not allowed to sell or modify anything posted on this site

This could turn into a legal issue if you earn money from my free resources. You don’t want to get into that mess. :)

5. Comment when you use something

It is a kind gesture and prompts me to create more resources as I find they are valuable.

If I find out you have broken any of these TOS, your IP will be banned from accessing my site.