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Can you say Tea Party?

Hey guys! I know I haven’t really blogged in a while but now I have something to blog about! It was my best friend, Erin’s, 19th birthday and she wanted to have a legitimate tea party. Which, was pretty awesome. I didn’t get any shots of us baking all day before hand (that was a huge mess, good god) but I do have pictures of all the finished baked goods. We made Mini Quiches, a Deco Roll cake, Chocolate covered strawberries, Salad, Russian tea cakes, Soy Milk Donuts, Short bread cookies (chocolate dipped), Egg Salad sandwiches, and Cucumber sandwiches. It was a long hard day making all that shit, but it was well worth it, I promise. Not to mention we all got all dressed up in fancy dresses and I did all their make up, but enough about that, I’m sure you want to see some photos.






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  • Reply mayra April 12, 2013 at 10:22 AM

    :o Everything on the table looks amazing and yummy!
    I’ve never had tea before but I feel like I wont like it xD

  • Reply Rusty April 18, 2013 at 2:13 PM

    zOMG! That looks soooo good. I’m super jealous of the chocolate dipped shortbread cookies. xDDD My grandmother makes the best shortbread, and I really need to hit her up for another wheel of it. Ahaha!


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