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Rest in Peace

You guys may have seen my beautiful cat, Jeffree, around my blog. He’s like my child, he’s more than a pet and he will forever be in my heart.

Everyday he would sleep with me. Every. Day. It was never off schedule. On Thursday, the 19th, he never came in to sleep. I knew something was wrong on Friday morning when he still wasn’t there. So I went out and called him, nothing. I went to every house on my block and asked if they had seen him, nothing. I went to the animal shelter, nothing. I called animal control, nothing. On Sunday morning, I got up and was about to make fliers (need I mind you that I was crying these 3 days all day long, wondering where my baby was) when the animal control in the police department called me and said they found a cat behind my house (my backyard is on a really busy street) that matched Jeffree’s description. They said he had been hit by a car.

As soon as I heard this, I started to cry (and I mean like that really annoying sobbing that makes you choke) uncontrollably. She said she was sorry.

I never got to say good bye because he didn’t have a collar/chip so they thought he was a stray. So, this is my goodbye / rest in peace. Also, I’ve been praying and hoping it wasn’t painful. He’s with his mother now, in cat heaven. :)

Goodbye, Jeffree-Takune. I love you, please play nice with all the other kitty-angels. (Gosh, this is really hard.. I’m ruining my makeup, lol) I hope your mother approves of the way I took care of you, you were a very happy cat. Looking at your pictures makes me so sad and sleeping is so miserable without you. Rest in peace, my cat-son.


What makes someone beautiful?

Is it their looks? Is it their personality? Is it their ability to do things? Is it them? What is it? I think I’ve finally found the answer. I logged onto my facebook and I see my friend, let’s say Jackie, yeah her name is Jackie for now. My friend Jackie posted this status about how much she wanted to be skinny and how skinny girls are the prettiest and the most attractive. That post really bothered me because I felt really offended. I am not the skinniest thing alive and I’ve accepted it. Yeah, I’m overweight, but fuck I live in America. America is a continent on Earth, Earth is just a fraction of the size of the Sun. The Sun is only a molecule in the universe. Compared to all of that, why should we care what size we are?

So I commented on her status and said “Sure you can be skinny and pretty, but it takes more than that to be beautiful.” All she could say was “Well, I don’t feel very beautiful.. or attractive.” I told her that even if she was skinny she would find something to criticize herself for and that she still wouldn’t find herself beautiful. It’s taken me almost 10 years to figure this out. I should probably heed my own advice. However, I cannot stand someone who blatantly calls themselves ugly just for attention. I feel no one should be treated like that, no matter what they look like, because well. Everyone is beautiful. Whether you are 100lbs or 400lbs. It doesn’t matter. Nothing matters because life itself is beautiful. You shouldn’t beat yourself or anyone else down for not fitting the mold society has crafted.

This is me 3 months ago. Since then I've lost weight and I'm beautiful no matter what.

To be happy is to be beautiful. Happiness is beauty. Life is beauty. You are the definition of beauty. Stay beautiful.

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This is Jeffree

Yes! :) As you can see there is a new kitten in my life and his name is Jeffree. We named him after Jeff Goldblum. Lol? Because of his “big beautiful eyes and his dark features”. How cute, right? I’ve waited all week for this little guy and I’ll tell you, it was worth it. However, there were some words said about him from my grandpa but Jeffree is mine and I will take care of him. We’re getting him his shots next month and his tags. I haven’t as of this second introduced him to Bugsey, our other cat who is often seen on my blog, but will soon! Hope everything turns out well, whether it does or doesn’t, you’ll be the first to know.

Jeffree, Jay for short.