A long time ago, I was browsing the internet and I came across a myspace layout site. That site was called Layouts 24/7. When I saw this website, I was new to the whole html and code business. I was so jealous that she knew how to make all those layouts and use amazing photo editing programs. (i.e: Photoshop) Upon seeing her website, I knew that one day I will eventually have my own website. I did not want it to be a myspace website, but I wanted there to be nice photos that I edited and graphics I made. I was browsing her website and I saw a list of affiliates, then I said to myself “whoa, there are other websites like this? that’s awesome…” I tried using a freewebs account (before I knew there was an option to be an HTML user) and I came to the conclusion that I did not like this stuff. This was all to easy to me, the WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editors were too stupid and my site looked absolutely nothing like layouts 24/7 (Not that I wanted it to). So, I gave up. Recently, I found out that you could have your website look all custom like layouts 24/7. So, I borrowed a CSS stylesheet, thanks citystunner, and I made (don’t bother going there, it’s really lame & closed). Upon my stay with webs for the second time, I met Janice who allowed me to have a subdomain under her domain. I was so confused with this FTP&PHP Includes stuff, but I soon got the hang of it. :) Then, I wanted to be bigger, so I bought my own domain name and upgraded my hosting with Janice and here I am. Ayevanity.COM.