Frequently Asked Questions

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These are questions that are asked almost on a daily basis.

1. Did you make your layout?
Why yes, yes I did. I took the time to create and code it.

2. What program did you use to make it?
I used Photoshop CS5 Extended. I also use WordPress for the blog management.

3.Can I use your stylesheet?
Honestly, I get this question a lot. No, you may not use my stylesheet from any of my current layouts.

4. Can you make me a layout?
If I have enough free time and you submit a message from the contact page.

5. I’m using one of your free domain layouts, can I edit it to make it more to my liking?
Sure thing, man. Although you’ll have an edited version of my layout, you still have to tell me (which is crediting me) and link me to where you are using my layout. (I just want to see what you did with it :P)

6. Can I use your resources to create my own content?
Unfortunately, that would be redistributing. I don’t allow my content to be redistributed, I know people do it none-the-less because there isn’t really much I can physically do about it. The answer is no and if I find someone who has taken my content, they will definitely know about it.