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  1. I accept users but not Piczo, sorry. And to those that use webs the next two rules are really important.
  2. Absolutely no adult content.
  3. Your content has to be original & your own.
  4. If you have like half a page of affiliates, I am most likely not going to add you. Affiliates to me, are friends. I don’t use them for visitors. < - new!
  5. I don’t accept sites that are currently under construction or on a hiatus.
  6. Absolutely no “View all/More” pages, If you have me on one of those pages, I will inform you that I will remove you because of this. You must add me to all your pages, because that is where I’m putting you.
  7. If you’re on hiatus or closing/going away you should tell me, affies need to know these things.
  8. Put “Hey, I like your tractor.” In the “Anything Else?” box :)That way, I know you’ve read my rules.<3
  9. If you do not get a reply from me, it’s most likely a no. If I do say no, it’s because you did not read the rules.


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