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Hi, nice to meet you; my name is Amber. If you want to read more about the site history then click here! Anyway, my birthday is January 1st, which means I have fallen under the sign of the Capricorn. I am very heavy in the traits, which means.. basically anything about a Capricorn is true about me. Capricorns are very career based. That means they mainly focus on their occupation or their career. I am definitely career based, when I’m with my friends or family, most of the conversations I have include what I want to do when I finally grow up. I am very pessimistic and fatalistic. I have learned to accept that bad things happen, and most events in my life are quite … sad. BUT! Because I am patient and careful I have also learned to wait the events out and it will eventually get better.

I absolutely love humor. In fact, if you are one of the people that know me very well, you also know that I make a lot of jokes. Seriously, I am one of the most witty people you will probably ever meet. Anyway, I’ve finished high school as a junior (11th grade) and I’ve had multiple retail jobs, which let me fucking tell you, sucks major ballsacks. I have finally moved out into my own apartment, and if you’ve been with me since the beginning of, you know this is a big step for me. I started this site when I was 16 and I am completely self taught in this field.

I plan on taking my love to the next level and that is so do it professionally! I want to use my photo-taking skills to start my own business and develop my career. I’m currently working on my portfolio, WHICH IS HARD! I have to find all of the pictures that are perfect just to put them in a book to get criticized dramatically. Whatever, there are photographers that are worse than me who get paid to take crappy pictures. Gah. – will edit this later.

Some facts, yo’!

  • I love make-up.
  • I have been in a relationship with my boyfriend for 4 years now. Our anniversary is Feb. 28th
  • I am 20 years of age.
  • I have stretched ears and tattoos.
  • I am a cat person. Meow, bitch.
  • I am a PC person for sure.
  • I have a birthmark on my butt. :P
  • My favorite band is Alesana
  • Photography is the greatest passion I have, besides music of course.
  • My favorite movie is Pulp Fiction
  • Hello Kitty is LIFE.
  • I have a love-hate relationship with the color pink. :(
  • I love you, dear visitor!<3

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