Sitely Tips

There are somethings you should understand upon running a website, no matter the subject or type of website you own/run. Here is a list of things to help you get started or to improve your website already.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in these website tips are mine and solely mine. I do not wish to harm or offend anything or anyone. These are also experiences I’ve had and hated, so I thought I should let someone know without being too straight forward about it.

1. Don’t have music automatically play on your website. This is really annoying and for some, treacherous trying to find the pause button.. on EVERY PAGE. It could also be a bit painful if your headphones are loud and unexpected music (that you might not even like) starts playing. So, please, do not have an automatic music player, but instead maybe a separate page for music (if the visitor is interested).

2. Perhaps ” font-family:”Small Fonts”;font-size:7px;” is too small for the actual website content. If every page of your website has all the typing in small fonts and someone can’t see it, they are not likely to come back due to that issue. A suitable small font should hopefully be about 10px or maybe even 9px.

3. The ideal website name should be something short and memorable. Uber-cute-long-name.[subdomain-long-name].com isn’t very good. :\ I know a lot of the good website names are most likely taken, but that’s just another good reason to be creative. :) If you want, instead of a regular sub-domain, you could possibly get a domain name with a free domain host. That way your url can be short, creative and memorable. Visitors are more likely to come back if they remember your url.

4. Don’t bold or italicize randomly. Most sites use bolding and italicizing as a text decoration. IT’S NOT A TEXT DECORATION. In fact, it’s actually really distracting because you bold random words so people think those bolded words are key points in your writing. When actually, it’s completely irrelevant. Example: “Oh my, my cat totally just threw up and now she has to go to the vet. I hope she is okay. I mean, I love her with all of my heart!” Isn’t it distracting?

5. When owning a website, you should NOT type in “txt-speak”. Seriously, it’s ugly. It makes visitors think you don’t know how to type. It also makes them think that you are a missing a card from the deck. It’s best to type as literately as you can in the language you know the best. That way, your readers will at least know you’re trying; not everyone is a grammar and spelling whiz.