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ICING Glitter Review + Swatches

ICING is a sub-company founded under Claire’s.

Claire’s aims towards more little kids while ICING aims towards teenagers and young adults. Therefore, ICING is basically anywhere a Claire’s is. I have found that ICING actually has pretty decent make up and accessories. I have had this little glitter tower for almost 2 years now and, I never use it, but when I do I am simply amazed at how good and opaque it is. The colors are bright, and when applied with a good adhesive, it will be very pretty!

ICING Rainbow Glitter

You will need a good glitter adhesive for these to stick because let’s face it, glitter doesn’t do any good by itself. For these pictures I used a glitter eyeliner that I purchased from Avon as a base for the eyeliner. The liner is clear but has specks of silver glitter in it, which is perfect for glitter to stick to it! It’s also best to let the adhesive dry a little bit before putting the glitter on it. This will prevent unwanted spread and of course, fall out.

I am a sucker for anything rainbow, I’ll tell you that. :) This glitter is good glitter for anyone just starting out or anyone looking to expand their glitter collection. This sells at ICING for about $8 – $10 , it’s an okay price for the amount of glitter they give you. Not to mention it definitely pays for itself. I’ve had mine, as I’ve stated before, for 2 years and it’s still full as new. :) Hope this sparked your interest!

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  • Reply Kaydee July 20, 2011 at 5:11 PM

    I LOVE ICING! lol They are absolutely amazing. I’m actually redoing my bedroom with a lot of their little accessories.

    • Reply Amber July 20, 2011 at 6:11 PM

      Right? I really love their hair stuff <3

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