30 Day Challenge, Photography

Day 7 – A Memory

GOSH. ): I am sorry I am almost incredibly late. -looks at clock- 10 minutes ’till midnight. :\ Grr. However I had a wonderful day with the boyfriend and the best friend. We went and saw the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie. T’was amazing. Anyway, I took these pictures with my cell phone so please disregard the horrible quality :| My memory for today are these roses. They are significant to me because they remind me of the day I met James. In case you haven’t clicked it into your head yet, he’s my boyfriend who someday I plan on marrying. :) He picked this rose because he said it was too beautiful and that it’s beauty was cursed. Whatever. BUT he gave it to me, he didn’t pick it enough to keep (barely 1″ of stem -_-) so I just put it in the fountain next to us.

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