30 Day Challenge, Books

Day 5 – My Favorite Book

Unfortunately, I don’t own my favorite book so I’ve got my second favorite book! :) The Cathy’s Book series. OH MY GOD, I WANT THE 3RD ONE SO BAD. :( It’s called Cathy’s Ring or some shit like that. Anyway, my favorite book is called Sweet Blood. I argued with my boyfriend today about the book because he said it was a vampire book but I assured him I wasn’t into that fad and that the book was published in like ’93. WAYY BEFORE TWILIGHT. :( Anywhooo. Yeah, these books are amazing. :) If you ever get the chance, you should read them. The author is also an artist so on the pages, there are hand-drawn pictures that follow the story. Also, another cool thing about these books is that if you get the hard covers, they come with props, lol. How cute, right? On the first book there is a phone number you can call that actually works. I know this book is like childish in that sense, but I love them. :P o.o oh it’s about Cathy (duh) but her boyfriend is immortal and yata yata, you gotta read it.

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