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Day 4 – What I ate for Dinner

Seriously, I ate nothing.

My family makes disgusting food, I wanted Chicken Alfredo with broccoli and garlic bread, but instead they made this really nasty spaghetti filled with nasty mushrooms and onions. Not only do I not eat mushrooms nor onions but they didn’t drain the water out of the noodles or the fat from the ground beef. It was like eating tomato soup with meat. Ew.

It’s not just their spaghetti either, it’s everything they make. I appreciate good food and if I want good, healthy meals, I have to make it myself. They also don’t know how to season anything, so their food is so bland. And when they do season their food they use some generic “Italian Seasoning” that has a mix of basil and other random “Italian” stuff. >.< bleh. gag me. My boyfriend's mother doesn't cook very well either. :\ She tries though. Her cooking isn't anywhere near as bad as my mother's cooking. Literally, my mom puts mayonnaise in EVERYTHING. She says she does it because of her Crohn’s disease, but I know better. I honestly don’t know how I came to know better food is out there when almost all of my family eats horribly. :\ I’d rather home make something from nothing than to go Carl’s Jr because there “isn’t anything to eat”. We have a cabinet full of noodles and sauces, not to mention a freezer full of meat! THEY ARE SO LAZY.

Anyway, sorry for the lack of photo for today. I’ve been bed stricken all day. I hurt my back somehow and everything I do hurts. Besides, I wouldn’t force you to look at a very disgusting image of their daily intakes. Gross!

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  • Reply Eden-Avalon May 19, 2011 at 2:06 AM

    Aww honey feel better! I know exactly what you mean (except for the fact that I ADORE mushrooms!) My family too has a tendency towards lazy or disgusting food. Sadly it took my uncle’s heart attack for their food habits to finally shape up and since then the food has gotten SLIGHTLY better. But some dinners I just look at the food being offered and go…”why would anyone EAT this?”

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