30 Day Challenge, Music, Photography

Day 13 – Music

Like, Chevelle is my favorite band, evar. :) <3 Also, I couldn't come up with a cool musical photo for you guys. :\ I've been slacking in the photograph taking thing lately. I'll get over it. (: To answer any questions:

  • Yes, it’s 4th gen. (No camera)
  • Yes, it’s purple.
  • 16gb
  • 1,200 songs (There is still so much to add), 16 music videos and 1 movie (Little Miss Sunshine)
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  • Reply Lean May 28, 2011 at 3:11 PM

    Aw, haha that’s okay. I can’t say much because my photography skills… don’t even get me started! :P

    That’s a cool iPod! I don’t have an iPod, or Mp3 etc, I don’t find a need for one, I just turn on the radio or something when I need to in the car or something. I found the camera was kind of stupid, you can’t take a picture, but you could only take video? And I love the colour too, and 16gb is a lot of space for all your music. :D My sister has an iPod Touch fourth generation also.

  • Reply Jayy May 29, 2011 at 1:06 AM

    Little miss sunshine = <3

    Pretty iPod.(: I have a blue 3rd generation nano… Hehe, the short fat one… I have a touch too, but I only have 900 songs. I love music. It's great.(: haha

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