30 Day Challenge, Hair

Day 12 – Me

Uh, let’s just say it’s been a lazy day and I sorta cheated. This picture wasn’t taken of me today, but whatever. >.< I've been reading since I've got home and it's been raining and I hate doing photos whilst in my room. Gah, not enough room. SO, yeah day = 2 week old picture! :) Also, I think my face looks kinda weird in the picture, too. o.o I have a review coming up for a product I used to get the black out of my hair. :P That is why it's brown like that, however I bleached it shortly after using the "color remover" which was also just bleach in a bottle. It worked to it's full extent, bleh. My hair is now much lighter, i'm going blonde again. (my natural) Anyway, enjoy. :)

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  • Reply Ashley May 27, 2011 at 4:35 PM

    Beautiful! I think your hair looks great; and I don’t think your face looks weird at all! :)

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    x-x c< c: D:< >n< >.< <> <3 ;-; ;) :l :c :O :D :< :3 :) :(