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Mini Lipstick Haul

I went to my work today (Target) on my day off. Yeah, how fun. Anyway, I thought “I don’t own enough lipsticks” so I went and picked a couple out. I’m really happy with what I got for the most part. I absolutely LOVE Covergirl’s Sultry.

You know, looking at this picture makes me think more of a grandma color. It’s actually a little more pink in real life and also more nude-ish. I guess I like it because it’s not too bright and it’s a wearable everyday – every look color.

(Sorry for the lack of focus on this one but the color is still accurate)

I really enjoy these and I’ll be wearing them a lot more. I just have to get lip liners since I literally have NONE. Absolutely zero of them. I don’t usually wear lipstick though, but I’m trying to get into it. I usually just wear clear lipgloss.

I wanted to get a burgundy color and a plum and a more neutral lip color. I’ll just have to go back since I get a 15% discount. <3

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Rimmel Scandal Eyes Mascara Review

(Sorry about my ugly nails, pretend you don’t see those)

Hey guys! Today I went to Target and decided to try a new mascara since the same one I always get was getting kinda. You know, old. I had seen those Rimmel London commercials for their Scandal Eyes Mascara and I thought I’d try it out. Boy was I surprised.

Rimmel mascara is HUGE!

The Rimmel mascara is really big. Bigger than the Covergirl Lash Blast even. I know. I didn’t think mascaras could get much bigger, but damn. It’s ginormous. Anyway, I really like this mascara as an everyday use. It’s a real one-coat winner.

Before & after, obviously. (with flash)

The mascara itself is designed to be photographed so it’s supposed to be super volumizing. I guess it works. I like that the wand is huge and gets every lash. One coat and you’re done. However, I don’t really suggest using this mascara on your bottom lashes. Since the wand is so big it can get all over the place and no body wants that.

Side by side comparison of mascara wands

Overall I’d give it 7/10 and that I will probably buy this again. Would I recommend? Sure! For anyone looking for a super black mascara with the advantage of a great wand, seriously the wand is amazing, then by all means, you should definitely get the London Look.

With eyeliner and good lighting.
Oh and look guys, I finally figured out how to do eyebrows. :-P

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ICING Glitter Review + Swatches

ICING is a sub-company founded under Claire’s.

Claire’s aims towards more little kids while ICING aims towards teenagers and young adults. Therefore, ICING is basically anywhere a Claire’s is. I have found that ICING actually has pretty decent make up and accessories. I have had this little glitter tower for almost 2 years now and, I never use it, but when I do I am simply amazed at how good and opaque it is. The colors are bright, and when applied with a good adhesive, it will be very pretty!

ICING Rainbow Glitter

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Hard Candy vs L’Oreal

I am reviewing and contrasting Hard Candy’s “Welcome Matte” finishing pressed powder and L’Oreal’s “True Match Super Blendable” powder.

Who will win? :)

Obviously, I’ve had the L’Oreal powder longer because it’s almost gone. That is why I purchased Hard Candy’s Welcome Matte. Hoping to find a dupe for cheaper. :) Did I find it?

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