Hi, How are ya?

This is a post just to say that I’m not dead and good things are coming. I recently upgraded my PC, and by ‘upgrade’, I mean I completely rebuilt it. Lol. I started playing games and I didn’t have the performance I wanted. I didn’t want to run everything on ULTRA but I wanted to not run everything on Low/Lower. You know what I mean? I’m pretty picky when it comes to visually pleasing things. SO, I kept my cpu & ram (also hdd) and just rebuilt everything from there. I had a prebuilt PC that I bought online that I spent $700 on at the time. It was this one. Total upgrade cost: $232.90 USD. I got a huge deal on the motherboard because I bought it open box. I got it for $57.84 on amazon when they’re $190+ brand new.

This is what I have now if you’re interested:
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Needless to say, my PC runs so smooth now. All I need now is to try to save some money so I can buy an SSD. I built my boyfriend’s computer as well and he has an SSD and his OS runs so fast, i’m jealous as hell.

On another note, I’ve started the #100daysofmakeup challenge on my instagram. You can see I’ve been active on there from the photos on the bottom of this page. You should follow me on there so you can see all the cool stuff I post/talk about. There’s a few more update posts coming. I have big news to share, but that’s for a later date :)

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Things are looking up

Hi guys!

Damn, can you believe it?! It’s 2016 already. I feel as if it were just 2015 a week ago! haha, i’m dumb. Anyway, now that it’s 2016 that must mean that Christmas and New Years have past. First off, I hope everyone had a great holiday season. As for me, it was okay. I didn’t really do much but stay home and cuddle with my kitties and boyfriend. Best Christmas ever though, I’ve never had one that was so quiet. Also, I’m 22 now! (My birthday was the 1st of January, in case you haven’t been with AV.COM for any length of time) I don’t feel any different age wise, but I’m feeling great about my future and everything that’s sure to come. I know I don’t talk about my personal life very often but 2015 was rough for me. I struggled through homelessness, depression, weight gain, and familial issues, but I am doing much better now. I would have made this post sooner but I actually have been bedridden; I severely sprained my ankle when I fell a few days ago. It’s still painful but I can walk around and generally be up and active now. If you gain anything from this, I want you to know, that it does get better, but I will write a whole post about that later if anyone is interested.

I’m excited for all the big news to come with this blog as well! has come a lonnng way and i’m going to take it even further. I started this blog from scratch over 5 years ago and I had no idea what I was doing.. I didn’t know shit about running a website or SEO, tags, wordpress, anything other than basic html and css (thanks myspace, lol). These past few months I have been doing so much research and making mental notes on the future of and I really hope you’re excited because it’s BIG! I’m going to broaden my blogging horizons. So check back and see how great things are going to be and remember to have a Happy New Year.

On another note, it’s been SUPER rainy in the Bay Area recently. There’s actually green on the lawns again, it’s a beautiful sight. We need this. Come on, El Nino! :)


I never meant to be gone so long

Hi guys!

Sorry I have been kinda MIA. I have been without my laptop this whole time. I ended up buying a new laptop because my old one is at a point where it’s not worth it to fix it, but to rather just buy a whole new system. Which is what I did. I do also have a PC that I play games on and such, but I don’t use it for blogging/website stuff.

In case you were wondering, my old laptop was 6 years old, had only 3gb of ram, and a super old pentium processor. That laptop has been through hell, lol. It needed a new battery as the one it had no longer charged (it had to be plugged in constantly). I had to replace the keyboard, the USB/charger hub (I got a cheap replacement and two of the usb ports and the ethernet port were broken), and the trackpad/mouse. Not to mention, the Wifi adapter in it was so old that it couldn’t keep up with my internet. It would only get 7-10MBPS when my wifi clocks out at upto 40MBPS (90+ hardlined).

This new laptop isn’t that amazing either, but it’s new and has everything I need it to have. I just need to get used to it also windows 8 is weird.. but oh boy, I forgot Photoshop ran this fast, haha! :)

So, here I am, back at your disposal. Also, sorry to everyone who’s commented and I haven’t returned it.

Oh! I wanted to also let you guys know that I have *finally* created an updated website for my Photography portfolio. You can view it here: AYEVANITYPHOTOGRAPHY.COM

Song the title of this post was inspired by:

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How to Start and Create your own Blog

There are many, many reasons to start a blog. To begin, you will become a better writer! Blogging is essentially a form of communication. You’re writing for yourself and others so with time, you will learn to write better, it actually just comes really naturally. You will meet and inspire new people. The key to blogging is networking and creating new friendships and (I hate to say) followers; You will get a rush of excitement and happiness with every positive comment and share. You’ll finally love what you do, I promise. Blogging will boost your self confidence; you will realize you live an important life and have something to offer others. You have the potential to earn a lot of money blogging. Now, there are some cons to blogging as well. For instance, it requires a lot of time and effort. If you don’t put in the time, you won’t grow and learn. (I’m also struggling with this as well, so I know wholeheartedly what this entails.) It will cost some money to start a blog. You will need to invest in the future of your blog, just as any hobby or freelance work. The most annoying aspect of blogging is taking care of technical work. It will happen; Something will go astray and you will spend hours trying to fix it. It’s nerve wracking because there have been a couple times where I have almost broke the code in my theme and had no backup. :(

If you believe the pros outweigh the cons then without further adieu.. How to Create your own Blog!

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Copycat Recipe: Starbucks Iced Passion Tea

Hi guys!
Today I’m showing you how to save money at Starbucks by creating their Ice Passion Tea at home! I created a mini tutorial and adding a printable recipe card just in case you want to take this recipe with you. :) haha

Things you will need:


  1. Iced Passion Tea (Concentrate or Teabags)
  2. Sugar
  3. Water
  4. Ice
  5. Small pot
  6. Whisk
  7. Measuring cups
  8. Shaker (optional)

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Minor things

Hi guys! If you haven’t noticed, there are slight changes to my theme. I spent the last few days searching and debating whether or not I wanted to change my whole theme, but there just weren’t any that I liked and I don’t have the patience to create one. So, behold! Subtle changes and updates. I like this better than how it was before, this purple is way nicer and I am in LOVEEE with my new logo. :)

You may also have noticed that there is no longer a cBox. I decided to remove it because I feel more people comment on blog posts and stuff via the cBox. It’s not right to do that, that’s why there is a comment section on the post. If you need to contact me for any reason that’s not related to blog posts, you can use the contact form. It’s checked every day, multiple times a day. There are also links for affiliates and advertising which can be found on the sidebar.

Thank you so much for understanding. <3